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Documentos Oficiais: Conselho da Europa

CONSELHO DA EUROPA DOCUMENTOS OFICIAIS COUNCIL OF EUROPE CONVENTION OF THE MANIPULATION OF SPORTS COMPETITIONS (18.09.2014) Preamble Chapter I – Purpose, guiding principles, definitions Chapter II – Prevention, co-operation and other measures Chapter III – ...

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Documentos Oficiais: EPAS – Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport

EPAS – ENLARGED PARTIAL AGREEMENT ON SPORT DOCUMENTOS OFICIAIS CONVENTION ON THE MANIPULATION OF SPORTS COMPETITIONS What is the purpose of the convention? What does the convention require states to do? Provisional next steps What ...

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Documentos Oficiais: GRECO – Group of States Against Corruption

GRECO DOCUMENTOS OFICIAIS CORRUPTION IN SPORT (16 Dezembro 2009) INTRODUCTION How does one define corruption in sport? What is the scale of corruption in the field of sport? An economic model helps to understand corruption in ...

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