REINO UNIDO: Alegações sobre manipulação de resultados veementemente negadas pelo Forest Green Rovers e Cambridge United (EN)

MATCH-FIXING allegations have been vehemently denied by Forest Green Rovers and the club they played in a game now under suspicion.

The Skrill Premier FGR v Cambridge fixture on March 8 this year is one of 13 games which a report presented by betting firm Federbet to the European Parliament alleages was fixed. It finished 3-2 to FGR.

Both clubs have denied any involvement in match fixing alleged in the report by the Belgium-based gaming market umbrella organisation.

FGR chairman Dale Vince said: “It’s the first we’ve heard of any suspicion about our match with Cambridge, or any FGR match.

“Match-fixing is about losing games not winning them, which all teams normally seek to do – so this can’t involve FGR. We won that game.

“And I remember that game – it was a very good match, there’s no way Cambridge threw it, and I can’t believe that anyone who saw the game would think so.

“It may have been an unexpected result for the bookies but that’s all it was.”

The report lists the match as a Conference North fixture. However, the teams play in the division above that.

The Football Conference issued a statement saying: “The Football Conference works closely with the Football Association on all matters concerning integrity within our sport.

“This relationship with the Football Association includes liaison around any suspicious betting activity or patterns. Furthermore, as part of the robust monitoring system employed in England, such liaison is conducted in conjunction with the Gambling Commission, leading betting companies and other agencies appointed by the Football Association.

“At this time there is no evidence that any of the fixtures specifically listed by Federbet, relating to our competition, have been the subject of report or investigation. Therefore, we are at a loss to understand what evidence may exist for Federbet to make such claims.

“Federbet has not consulted with the Football Conference about making such alleged information public.”

Cambridge United chairman Dave Doggett told the Cambridge News he was ‘amazed’ to see the club linked to match-fixing.

“No-one has been in touch with me or the club about it at all,” he said.

Federbet did not return the Gloucester Citizen’s calls.

Fonte: Gloucester Citizen.


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